llvm-lipo - LLVM tool for manipulating universal binaries


llvm-lipo [filenames…] [options]


llvm-lipo can create universal binaries from Mach-O files, extract regular object files from universal binaries, and display architecture information about both universal and regular files.


llvm-lipo supports the following mutually exclusive commands:

-help, -h

Display usage information and exit.


Display the version of this program.

-verify_arch <architecture 1> [<architecture 2> ...]

Take a single input file and verify the specified architectures are present in the file. If so then exit with a status of 0 else exit with a status of 1.


Take a single input file and display the architectures present in the file. Each architecture is separated by a single whitespace. Unknown architectures are displayed as unknown(CPUtype,CPUsubtype).


To report bugs, please visit <http://llvm.org/bugs/>.