FileCheck - Flexible pattern matching file verifier


FileCheck match-filename [--check-prefix=XXX] [--strict-whitespace]


FileCheck reads two files (one from standard input, and one specified on the command line) and uses one to verify the other. This behavior is particularly useful for the testsuite, which wants to verify that the output of some tool (e.g. llc) contains the expected information (for example, a movsd from esp or whatever is interesting). This is similar to using grep, but it is optimized for matching multiple different inputs in one file in a specific order.

The match-filename file specifies the file that contains the patterns to match. The file to verify is always read from standard input.

The input and output of FileCheck is beyond the scope of this short introduction. Please see the TestingGuide page in the LLVM documentation.


Print a summary of command line options.

--check-prefix prefix
FileCheck searches the contents of match-filename for patterns to match. By default, these patterns are prefixed with ``CHECK:''. If you'd like to use a different prefix (e.g. because the same input file is checking multiple different tool or options), the --check-prefix argument allows you to specify a specific prefix to match.

By default, FileCheck canonicalizes input horizontal whitespace (spaces and tabs) which causes it to ignore these differences (a space will match a tab). The --strict-whitespace argument disables this behavior.

Show the version number of this program.


If FileCheck verifies that the file matches the expected contents, it exits with 0. Otherwise, if not, or if an error occurs, it will exit with a non-zero value.


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