Finds code blocks that are constantly enabled or disabled in preprocessor directives by analyzing #if conditions, such as #if 0 and #if 1, etc.

#if 0
    // some disabled code

#if 1
   // some enabled code that can be disabled manually

Unconditional preprocessor directives, such as #if 0 for disabled code and #if 1 for enabled code, can lead to dead code and always enabled code, respectively. Dead code can make understanding the codebase more difficult, hinder readability, and may be a sign of unfinished functionality or abandoned features. This can cause maintenance issues, confusion for future developers, and potential compilation problems.

As a solution for both cases, consider using preprocessor macros or defines, like #ifdef DEBUGGING_ENABLED, to control code enabling or disabling. This approach provides better coordination and flexibility when working with different parts of the codebase. Alternatively, you can comment out the entire code using /* */ block comments and add a hint, such as @todo, to indicate future actions.