Checks for unused and missing includes. Generates findings only for the main file of a translation unit. Findings correspond to https://clangd.llvm.org/design/include-cleaner.


// foo.h
class Foo{};
// bar.h
#include "baz.h"
class Bar{};
// baz.h
class Baz{};
// main.cc
#include "bar.h" // OK: uses class Bar from bar.h
#include "foo.h" // warning: unused include "foo.h"
Bar bar;
Baz baz; // warning: missing include "baz.h"



A semicolon-separated list of regexes to disable insertion/removal of header files that match this regex as a suffix. E.g., foo/.* disables insertion/removal for all headers under the directory foo. By default, no headers will be ignored.