Finds uses of deprecated Google Test version 1.9 APIs with names containing case and replaces them with equivalent APIs with suite.

All names containing case are being replaced to be consistent with the meanings of “test case” and “test suite” as used by the International Software Testing Qualifications Board and ISO 29119.

The new names are a part of Google Test version 1.9 (release pending). It is recommended that users update their dependency to version 1.9 and then use this check to remove deprecated names.

The affected APIs are:

Examples of fixes created by this check:

class FooTest : public testing::Test {
  static void SetUpTestCase();
  static void TearDownTestCase();

TYPED_TEST_CASE(BarTest, BarTypes);


class FooTest : public testing::Test {
  static void SetUpTestSuite();
  static void TearDownTestSuite();

TYPED_TEST_SUITE(BarTest, BarTypes);

For better consistency of user code, the check renames both virtual and non-virtual member functions with matching names in derived types. The check tries to provide only a warning when a fix cannot be made safely, as is the case with some template and macro uses.