Finds calls to absl::Duration arithmetic operators and factories whose argument needs an explicit cast to continue compiling after upcoming API changes.

The operators *=, /=, *, and / for absl::Duration currently accept an argument of class type that is convertible to an arithmetic type. Such a call currently converts the value to an int64_t, even in a case such as std::atomic<float> that would result in lossy conversion.

Additionally, the absl::Duration factory functions (absl::Hours, absl::Minutes, etc) currently accept an int64_t or a floating-point type. Similar to the arithmetic operators, calls with an argument of class type that is convertible to an arithmetic type go through the int64_t path.

These operators and factories will be changed to only accept arithmetic types to prevent unintended behavior. After these changes are released, passing an argument of class type will no longer compile, even if the type is implicitly convertible to an arithmetic type.

Here are example fixes created by this check:

std::atomic<int> a;
absl::Duration d = absl::Milliseconds(a);
d *= a;


std::atomic<int> a;
absl::Duration d = absl::Milliseconds(static_cast<int64_t>(a));
d *= static_cast<int64_t>(a);

Note that this check always adds a cast to int64_t in order to preserve the current behavior of user code. It is possible that this uncovers unintended behavior due to types implicitly convertible to a floating-point type.