Finds macro expansions of DISALLOW_COPY_AND_ASSIGN(Type) and replaces them with a deleted copy constructor and a deleted assignment operator.

Before the delete keyword was introduced in C++11 it was common practice to declare a copy constructor and an assignment operator as private members. This effectively makes them unusable to the public API of a class.

With the advent of the delete keyword in C++11 we can abandon the private access of the copy constructor and the assignment operator and delete the methods entirely.

When running this check on a code like this:

class Foo {

It will be transformed to this:

class Foo {
  Foo(const Foo &) = delete;
  const Foo &operator=(const Foo &) = delete;

Known Limitations

  • Notice that the migration example above leaves the private access specification untouched. You might want to run the check modernize-use-equals-delete to get warnings for deleted functions in private sections.



A string specifying the macro name whose expansion will be replaced. Default is DISALLOW_COPY_AND_ASSIGN.