Find suspicious usage of runtime string comparison functions. This check is valid in C and C++.

Checks for calls with implicit comparator and proposed to explicitly add it.

if (strcmp(...))       // Implicitly compare to zero
if (!strcmp(...))      // Won't warn
if (strcmp(...) != 0)  // Won't warn

Checks that compare function results (i.e., strcmp) are compared to valid constant. The resulting value is

<  0    when lower than,
>  0    when greater than,
== 0    when equals.

A common mistake is to compare the result to 1 or -1.

if (strcmp(...) == -1)  // Incorrect usage of the returned value.

Additionally, the check warns if the results value is implicitly cast to a suspicious non-integer type. It’s happening when the returned value is used in a wrong context.

if (strcmp(...) < 0.)  // Incorrect usage of the returned value.



When true, the check will warn on implicit comparison. true by default.


When true, the check will warn on logical not comparison. false by default.


A string specifying the comma-separated names of the extra string comparison functions. Default is an empty string. The check will detect the following string comparison functions: __builtin_memcmp, __builtin_strcasecmp, __builtin_strcmp, __builtin_strncasecmp, __builtin_strncmp, _mbscmp, _mbscmp_l, _mbsicmp, _mbsicmp_l, _mbsnbcmp, _mbsnbcmp_l, _mbsnbicmp, _mbsnbicmp_l, _mbsncmp, _mbsncmp_l, _mbsnicmp, _mbsnicmp_l, _memicmp, _memicmp_l, _stricmp, _stricmp_l, _strnicmp, _strnicmp_l, _wcsicmp, _wcsicmp_l, _wcsnicmp, _wcsnicmp_l, lstrcmp, lstrcmpi, memcmp, memicmp, strcasecmp, strcmp, strcmpi, stricmp, strncasecmp, strncmp, strnicmp, wcscasecmp, wcscmp, wcsicmp, wcsncmp, wcsnicmp, wmemcmp.