Finds functions which may throw an exception directly or indirectly, but they should not. The functions which should not throw exceptions are the following:

A destructor throwing an exception may result in undefined behavior, resource leaks or unexpected termination of the program. Throwing move constructor or move assignment also may result in undefined behavior or resource leak. The swap() operations expected to be non throwing most of the cases and they are always possible to implement in a non throwing way. Non throwing swap() operations are also used to create move operations. A throwing main() function also results in unexpected termination.

WARNING! This check may be expensive on large source files.



Comma separated list containing function names which should not throw. An example value for this parameter can be WinMain which adds function WinMain() in the Windows API to the list of the functions which should not throw. Default value is an empty string.


Comma separated list containing type names which are not counted as thrown exceptions in the check. Default value is an empty string.