llvm-profgen - LLVM SPGO profile generation tool


llvm-profgen [commands] [options]


The llvm-profgen utility generates a profile data file from given perf script data files for sample-based profile guided optimization(SPGO).


At least one of the following commands are required:


Path of perf-script trace created by Linux perf tool with script command(the raw perf.data should be profiled with -b).


Path of the input profiled binary files.


Path of the output profile file.


llvm-profgen supports the following options:


Specify the format of the generated profile. Supported <format> are text, binary, extbinary, compbinary, gcc, see llvm-profdata for more descriptions of the format.


Print mmap events.


Print disassembled code.


Specify whether to print assembly code in AT&T syntax (the default) or Intel syntax.