LLVM Tutorial: Table of Contents
  1. An Introduction to LLVM: Basic Concepts and Design
  2. Simple JIT Tutorials
    1. A First Function
    2. A More Complicated Function
    3. Running Optimizations
    4. Reading and Writing Bitcode
    5. Invoking the JIT
  3. Kaleidoscope: Implementing a Language with LLVM
    1. Tutorial Introduction and the Lexer
    2. Implementing a Parser and AST
    3. Implementing Code Generation to LLVM IR
    4. Adding JIT and Optimizer Support
    5. Extending the language: control flow
    6. Extending the language: user-defined operators
    7. Extending the language: mutable variables / SSA construction
    8. Conclusion and other useful LLVM tidbits
  4. Advanced Topics
    1. Writing an Optimization for LLVM