llvm-bcanalyzer - LLVM bytecode analyzer


llvm-bcanalyzer [options] [filename]


The llvm-bcanalyzer command is a small utility for analyzing bytecode files. The tool reads a bytecode file (such as generated with the llvm-as tool) and produces a statistical report on the contents of the byteocde file. The tool will also dump a low level but human readable version of the bytecode file. This tool is probably not of much interest or utility except for those working directly with the bytecode file format. Most LLVM users can just ignore this tool.

If filename is omitted or is -, then llvm-bcanalyzer reads its input from standard input. This is useful for combining the tool into a pipeline.

Output is written to the standard output.


Causes llvm-bcanalyzer to abbreviate its output by writing out only a module level summary. The details for individual functions are not displayed.

Causes llvm-bcanalyzer to dump the bytecode in a human readable format. This format is significantly different from LLVM assembly and provides details about the encoding of the bytecode file.

Causes llvm-bcanalyzer to verify the module produced by by reading the bytecode. This ensures that the statistics generated are based on a consistent module.

Print a summary of command line options.


If llvm-bcanalyzer succeeds, it will exit with 0. Otherwise, if an error occurs, it will exit with a non-zero value, usually 1.




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